About ARMS

ARM Solutions is a technology-oriented company engaged in the production of innovative software solutions and services that integrate and automate various areas, functions and processes of enterprises to foster and exponentially increase the efficiency and reliability of day to day processes.

From its humble beginnings in 1999, ARM Solutions spinned off into a new company, specializing in portal & software development, business process automation capabilities not only in the retail sector but also in the advertising, real estate, hospitality, medical, travel and professional services sectors.

ARM stands for the combined initials of the surnames of the three founders of the organization. Together with other members of the Team, their unified ideology and vision solidify ARM Solutions’ foundation and steadfast support to uplifting the IT Services and Software Development sectors of the Philippines. As the Philippines has been a key player in providing unique, timely and innovative information technology solutions to the international arena, ARM Solutions has been at the forefront in successfully contributing to this effort while establishing itself as a leading provider for business process automation solutions to multiple industry companies based in the Philippines with global presence.

ARM Solutions aims to become the leader in developing custom solutions in line with Web Portals, Software Applications, Business Process Automation, and IT Services and Consultancy in the Philippines.